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financial statements
bill pay

We provide financial statement preparation, bill pay for clients, accounts receivable services, part-time bookkeeping services, bank reconciliations, and depreciation updates. We tailor our services to our client’s needs from full service to annual services.


We prepare monthly, quarterly, or annual financial statements. Clients need financial statements for bank loans, tax preparation, to review the health of the business. We can prepare your financial statements and with you look at ways we can increase profits in your business.


Are you tired of entering bills and paying them? Do you want to spend more time working on your business? We can take bill paying over for you. We have customized ways to enter the bills and you can pay them or we can pay them for you. We can code expenses to jobs to get an actual price per job.


Are you tired of creating invoices or trying to collect money from clients/customers? We can enter invoices for you, generate statements for invoices not paid after a specific period of time and send past due reminders. We can code invoices to jobs to get an accurate income figure per job.


If you do not have enough work to hire a full time bookkeeper or cannot afford to hire someone full time we can help you out. We offer one time services or a couple hours per week. We can come to your office or do the work in our office. We customize each client to that client’s needs.


Have Professional Accounting prepare your bank reconciliations, Why? It is always good to have a third party looking over transactions especially if you have an internal bookkeeper or accountant. This cuts down on mistakes and embezzlement issues. You will be assured your cash is accurate.


We update fixed assets and look ways to take the most advantageous depreciation method that is good for the client. Depreciation updates are also used for personal property tax returns, personal and business tax returns.

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depreciation updates


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