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tax returns

We prepare individual and all business tax returns. We are an e-file provider with the IRS. We can have your refund direct deposited directly into your bank account. We offer tax planning to help you avoid those huge tax surprises at the end of the year. We stay up to date on all the latest tax changes.


We offer all payroll services from check writing to tax reporting. Keep your payroll information confidential away from employees by having us prepare your payroll. We will make sure you are tax compliant and prepare all monthly, quarterly and annual payroll returns. We can also keep track of hours per job for job costing reports.


We offer sales tax reporting. Sales tax can be challenging if you do not know the laws. Let us keep you compliant by preparing the sales tax for you. We can show you how to create reports to keep track of sales and sales tax to create the sales tax returns.


We prepare all types of 1099’s. We can keep track of 1099 information for you during the year so at the end of the year you will not have to figure who you owe 1099’s to and how much. We can keep track of W9 information for you during the year.


More and more counties are conducting business license and personal property tax audits. Let us prepare your business licenses to make sure they are being recorded correctly so when you are audited there will be no additional tax accessed. We prepare business licenses for all counties and help contractors set up software to help them keep track of the counties they are doing business in.



Let us prepare your personal property returns. We prepare personal property tax returns for most counties. We make sure you do not miss assets that should be taxed for personal property.

Sales tax
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personal propety tax
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